Vladimir Kush is a Russian artist who creates fantastical works reminiscent (to me anyway) of René Magritte’s surrealist style. From his biography on his website, he currently lives on Maui, apparently in view of the Keck Observatory, which he calls the “umbilical cord” connecting the oceans and the cosmos. He entered the Moscow Art Institute at 17, continuing his art career painting murals and large canvases for the army during his mandatory military service. He went on to paint a series of portraits for members of the American Embassy, but had to end that job when he came under suspicion from the KGB. His first successful show was in Germany in 1990.

It’s clear that Kush has a very vivid creative sense, and seems to follow the surrealist tradition. His paintings are dreamlike and imaginitive, and draw the viewer into a strange and beautiful world.

Representative works:

"Doctor of the Forest"

"The Two"