This is an artist I encountered a while ago and just came up in my mind again. He is truly inspiring and his art is unbelievable. Not because he’s the greatest drawer in the world or anything, but because of how he does it. Stephen Wiltshire is a 36 year old artist who has autism. It was discovered when he was a child that drawing was one of the only activities he enjoyed doing. At age eight, Wiltshire started drawing (from imagination) cityscapes that had been damaged by earthquakes after being shown pictures of earthquake-stricken buildings in school. He is now famous for his encyclopedic and photographic memory, which includes knowing most if not all models of classic American cars and being able to draw lifelike and accurate cityscapes from memory, in many cases after only a single viewing, and always with incredible detail.

I find Wiltshire’s abilities inspiring on a more personal level myself, having a younger brother who has autism. He has a similarly good memory, being able to recite by heart the addresses of everyone he knows, as well as their birthdays and family members. He also has a good eye for art and is continually improving in his drawing and taking oil pastel lessons from our grandma. When we were younger and he struggled with his disability, I thought he probably would never amount to anything because of his limitations. But Wiltshire shows that even those who struggle mentally can do huge things, and this gives me hope that my brother will be able to lead a fulfilling life and make his mark in the world.

Representative works:

"Leicester Square Tube Station, London"

"London City Skyline"

"New York City Skyline"