Jan von Holleben is a wonderful German photographer whose imagination is clearly captured in his subjects. He has won multiple awards for his photography, including a Lucie Award and the Audi Next Level Photographic Award. Von Holleben is probably best known for his series called “Dreams of Flying,” which depicts children in a number of whimsical scenes that are arranged and posed on the ground. His work has been compared stylistically to that of film director Michael Gondry (of “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”). Von Holleben was born in Köln in 1977, raised in an alternative commune, and picked up photography at age 13. He pursued studies in teaching disabled children in Freiburg, then moved to London to earn his degree in Theory and History of Photography at Surrey Institute of Art and Design and became part of the London photographic scene. His work focuses on the subject of learning through play.

I greatly enjoy his work; I feel it really brings out a sense of childhood playfulness and joy. It’d be something I would like to have in my kids’ rooms when that time comes.

Representative works:

"Tarzan and Jan" (from "Dreams of Flying")

#17 (From "Mystery of Monsters")

"Homo Molluscan Gastropoda Hekekidel Benbol" (from "Mutatis Mutandis")

Jan von Holleben’s Website (yes the front page is very bright… just click it and it’ll go to the main part of the site)