Hooray! A land artist! Jim Denevan reminds me very much of Andy Goldsworthy with his art, in that his works are in no way meant to be permanent, but are eventually erased or carried away by the indifferent forces of time and nature. The best way to describe his works are as drawings or etchings in sand, earth and ice, which are usually quite large in scale and often of a geometric quality.

Another interesting endeavor which Denevan has originated and continues to organize is a “movable feast” entitled Outstanding In The Field. This idea came from a series of farmer dinners, where the main producers of a restaurant’s food would be featured at the restaurant itself, to bring greater appreciation to those who produce the food we need. Eventually with Outstanding In The Field, these dinners moved from being hosted in the restaurant to being hosted on the farm itself, with guests bringing their own plates and contributing to the unique composition of each table. The farmer would give a tour of his fields, then a five course meal would be prepared with ingredients right from the land they were feasting upon. It sounds like a great event of food culture and much-deserved appreciation of farmers and their farms.

Some representative works:

Jim Denevan Art Website

Outstanding In The Field Website